“I love you, honey, and I will never cheat on you.” Have you heard this from your partner? Well, you are lucky to have a life partner who is committed to you. However, not all men and women show this level of attachment in today’s time. Many couples cheat irrespective of the love they have for each other. But the question still arises why do people cheat in relationships?

A survey conducted in the US on infidelity revealed that there is a 24% rise in the number of women cheating on their partners. Also, the statistics disclosed that men cheat more than women. But the question remains unanswered- why do couples cheat? What intrigues people to cheat on their loving partner? Here are some top reasons that will leave you befuddled because these excuses are way too common. But instead of communicating with the partner and sorting out the differences. People choose the path of being unfaithful.

Here are the reasons why people cheat in relationships:

1. Living a loveless married life

Let me explain this in a simple way. Marriage requires mutual trust and a sense of belonging. But the fuel that binds these feelings into a relationship is love. So, if your married life lacks spark and romance, then your partner will try to seek love outside the relationship.

Almost every marriage goes through a stage of sluggishness. But cheating on your partner is not the solution. Instead, you must look for the reasons why and how love vanished away from your relationship. And then work on the solutions.

2. No scope for reconciliation in the relationship

After being in a relationship for too long, couples start taking each other for granted. They often fight, jump into ugly verbal spats, and do not even bother to apologize later. It builds up toxicity in them.

After several years of not being together even after living under one roof, couples give up on each other. They start living with the fact that let things go with the flow. Why disturb each other by talking? Hence, they accept the fact that things cannot be mended and that they have to live life this way forever. That is also the reason why couples cheat.

3. Looking for newness in life

Human beings always look for new and fresh things. It is all psychological. New things bring happiness in life, and old things exude dullness. Hence, to feel positivity in life, men often flirt with other married women.

Of course, talking and flirting with other women release happy hormones in the body. But when you try to seek happiness and love outside, it is considered cheating. You need to know where to draw the line. Some sweet talks and mild fun are okay, but continuing to be a philanderer is unacceptable.

4. To explore love life with other women or men

It is curiosity. The eagerness to know what if someone else other than your wife would have been your partner? You start fantasizing about your friend’s wife or neighbor’s wife. And this yearning is also one of the reasons why people cheat in relationships.

You start daydreaming about life with other women. If it is in your mind, then it won’t lead to problems. But if you put your thoughts into action, you may land in trouble. Let there be curiosity, but share it with your partner and discuss your fantasies with your partner. Do not cheat.

5. Just to have fun, for excitement

It is ideally the common reason that even men aren’t aware of. They cheat for fun, but they do not understand that they are putting their happy relationship at stake. People whose conscience is not dormant will avoid cheating.

But men who force their conscience to sleep often ruin their relationship. For them, it is all about fun and boisterous night-outs. But they do not realize that adultery can wreak havoc on their married life. Guys, cheating is not the solution; communicating your problems to your partner is.

6. Boredom instigates them to look for fun

It is in line with the aforementioned point. It is only about having a gala time with unknown women or men. People often open up easily when they talk to strangers. That’s because strangers do not know what you are in your real life.

Men often lie about their personal lives, careers, pay scales, and hobbies to create an impression. Keeping others interested in their fake stories clears boredom from their life. That is the reason many women feel victimized upon realizing that they are dating a liar. But it is a fact couples cheat to get rid of ennui for a while from their life.

7. No attention from the partner

At times, when only one partner makes an effort to rekindle the fire in a relationship, and the other behaves like it is no big deal, then the one who is doing the hard work will start losing interest in the relationship.

Lack of interest and enthusiasm in the love life often means that your partner is not showing any concern toward you. So, when you don’t see any effort from your partner, and he doesn’t give you attention, you are bound to look for love outside the relationship. And that counts as cheating.

8. Your partner often hurts your ego and doesn’t care for your feelings

Okay, let’s accept this, everybody has self-esteem. And if you are ill-treated by someone close to you, it will be a tragic experience. But just because your ego is hurt, you should not be cheating on your partner.

The simple solution is- to go separate ways. Why stay in a relationship that is not contributing toward your well-being and growth? If you are frequently being nagged by your partner, then talk to her and let her know how you feel. If there is no change in the situation, then leave with dignity. Start a new life and look for someone who will respect you for what you are. But do not cheat.

9. You learned that your partner is cheating on you

Have you ever noticed- that people who are cheaters themselves often like spying on others? So, if you learned from somewhere that your partner is cheating on you, then you plan revenge? So even you decide to cheat.

What is the point of doing this? It is a vicious trap. First, you do it, then your partner does it, and then you again become promiscuous. And the cycle goes on. Result? It is never going to end, and in this process, you will become something that you never wanted to- a vengeful person. Revenge is also one of the reasons why couples cheat. But taking revenge only worsens the matter.

10. Commitment woes

Whether you are married or are involved in a live-in relationship, commitment is a must. And being married does not imply commitment. Additionally, both partners must willingly show commitment toward each other. But when the trust issues sneak in, commitment weakens.

Once you realize that your partner is looking for excuses to stay away from you, then it is a sign that he is not ready to commit. Also, if you have been compelling your partner to commit, it won’t work in your favor. Your partner will either cheat on you or leave you in despair.

11. Lack of physical intimacy- The most argued reason why people cheat in relationships

No love and no physical connection are the top contributors to the feelings of deceit. And it explains all if you are living with your partner just like strangers then what do you expect? Where will this relationship head?

It is bound to collapse. Furthermore, just like the physical connection is vital, so is a mental attachment. The emotional satisfaction of togetherness is much more important than an intimate relationship.

12. Influence from friends or colleagues- Jealousy is also the reason why people cheat in relationships

It is okay to be jealous of others as long as you don’t have any bad intentions. But when you see or hear your friends talking to you about how happy they are in their love life, you may develop some envious feelings.

And these negative feelings will get stronger if you are struggling hard to survive in your loveless relationship. So, here is another noticeable reason why couples cheat. But what is the solution to this? Stop comparing your life with others. And see what changes you can bring in your life.

13. Long-distance relationship- One of the most common reasons why people cheat in relationships

If you are going to be in a long-distance relationship, then you need to get mentally strong. You have to prepare yourself to stay away from your partner and to stay digitally connected. But cheating is not the solution.

If you have a hidden motive to explore relationships with other women when your partner is not around, then better, you quit the relationship. Why hurt someone else’s feelings? If possible, try to meet your partner once a month. So that you get a feeling that you are still together, if that is not possible, then make sure you video call each other at least twice a day.

14. You are caught in an irresistible attraction- Having a crush on someone is also the reason why people cheat in relationships

Couples need to understand that you will meet numerous people in your life. But you will have to stay loyal and honest to one partner. You can’t go on indulging in flings or one-night stands. Also, infatuation or contemplation over an irresistible attraction is not wrong.

But let that be in your mind. Do not work on those feelings. You will get infatuated with many men and women in your lifetime, so will you keep cheating on your partner? You will have to draw a line somewhere and curb your nasty thoughts. Cheating is not the solution and will never be.


Communication can solve 98% of your problems. If you let your partner know how you feel, you can help yourself. If your partner is ignorant about your feelings, then he or she is not meant for you.

You have the right to live a happy life and get love in return. You cannot live with the fact that you never received a positive response from your partner. Unrequited love can do more harm than indulging in cheating affairs. Better leave your partner and start afresh.

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